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Pest Control

Mantid Pest Management offers a wide variety of quality pest control for all residential and commercial needs.

Whether for your home, office, rental property, or larger commercial premises, Mantid can provide the same high quality pest control measures for pests inside and outside your property.

A standard residential pest control service for an average single story three bedroom family home includes treatment for all standard* pests inside and outside your home!

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Termite Treatments

We are also fully licenced to inspect and treat all termite problems. Termites are quick and silent, and can eat your house out from underneath you before you notice anything wrong. They are also rampant in South East Queensland due to our climate and the structural components of our houses.

As part of your yearly pest control service from Mantid, we also include a free termite check for your peace of mind. This helps ensure that you know about any problems before they take hold, and we can usually start treatment the same day we find a problem.

We’ve seen the damage termites do to homes, and commercial buildings, and the only way to avoid that is to have regular inspections.


Property Services

Mantid can also provide property management services for your home or rental property, including carpet cleaning, garden maintenance, and other jobs around your house.

We provide free quotes and competitive pricing for one-off and ongoing property work.

Get all your property and pest control services from one company, and call Mantid today.


* Please see our full terms and conditions.